Form & Beauty inspired by Bionic Architecture

Dr. Javier Pioz, world renowned architect (of Cervera & Pioz. Spain) and an exceptional authority on bionic architecture has conceptualised and crafted this exquisite masterpiece. The first of its kind in India and aspiring to have the highest level of LEED's certification. The V heralds the beginning of what is certain to be the future.

Bionics is the application of methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering practices and modern technology. This form of architecture sets itself in opposition to the conventional and traditional rectangular layouts and design schemes, by using curved forms and surfaces, reminiscent of structures in biology and fractal mathematics.

A flawless example of sustainable eco-design, bionic architecture creates spaces that maximise the use of existing natural resources and minimises energy consumption to make your home a superb balance of form and function.